Grover Washington Jr. Was and is one of the most essential players of this generation. Countless player have coped from him , studied him and immated him. When you study any performer use a pad to notate subtle this that their playing demonstrates as well as how yours differs. Also attempt to assimilate what you learn into your technique. masato Honda Is a fantastic player who is fluid in to many instruments to mention! Notice how serene comfortable and fluid both player are! This is the platue that you are striving for and you will see eventually that most master player play from this platue after having practiced hours and hours in an attempt to perfect their spiritual and musical flow.
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Spirazz "arefreshing blend of inspired contemporary music with roots in jazz."
Recording Artist Saxophonist / Composer
This generation has no idea of just how good they have it, not only are most of the creative minds of this century still living (although preparing for ascending) this generation also has the benefit of the technological boom! Dot coms, you tube face book etc.. These tools offer a wealth of study material and visual creative stimulation. IE: not only do you get the chance to hear what master players have done but you can also see them do it. During my day all we had was record players and cassettes (telling my age) these were also great tools for those who couldn't afford concert tickets and they forced you to become serious with your craft. Learn to use the technology of your age to your benefit.
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