"an artist expression is his soul made apparent, his schooling, as well as his "cool" being exhibited. Behind every motion, the music of his soul is made visible".
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Name: Stan Johnson AKA:Sej

Nationality: Cherokee Jamaican african American

Birthright: Tribe of Jubal

Birthplace: Chicago Ill

Beginnings: A product of urban America, Stan developed his musical abilities by listening, performing and transcribing the music of his contemporaries. At the age of 17 he realized the special gift he had been given and assumed the responsibility of nurturing and developing that gift by playing with various artists throughout the Chicago land area.

Influences: Inspired by Charlie Parker (Bird), John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley, Sonny Stitt, Yanni, Zach Zachery (MSFB) Van McCoy, Miles Davis, REM, The Carpenters, Andrea Crouch, Burt Bacharach and Jerry Goldsmith.

Direction: Traditional Jazz, Smooth jazz, Spiritual Jazz (Spirazz) Gospel, Pop, Funk, R&B, New-Age and classical.

Accomplishments: Numerous Coligiant awards Inventor of Altissimo guides, Windjammer, Sax freaks for all Saxes Education: Malcolm X Jr. College- Chicago IL. Northeastern Il University Composition and jazz performance major.

Talents: Author, "Secrets Of A Prophet" Playwrite, "the 1st Day Musical" Multi-Instrumentalist, (guitar, Bass, keyboards, woodwindist, songwriter, composer, .

Hobbies: Creative writing, art, photography, reading, and songwriting composition.

Special Interest:  7th Man Music. American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers ASCAP publisher A Broadcast Music Incorporated BMI writer Affiliate of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences NARAS grammy committee, and member of American Federations of Musiciansof the AF of M.

Present Activities: Director of "the Jubal Call "(Seminars)  currently finishing new book " Sacred Sciences, and new album "whitelines in Dark Circles"

Stan in Concert:
Appearing alone on stage (often comfortably attired in his stocking feet) Johnson uses the magic of drama to inspire, and make people aware of the history, power and spiritual significance of music. He doesn't just perform, he teaches and motivates, while displaying a very personal brand of humor and skill as a woodwindist, musician/ composer. Using his imagination various wind instruments, and synthesis, including visuals and PowerPoint proclamations come to life. His music points toward a new direction of freedom for spoken word story-tellers, poets and small groups.

Very much in demand, Johnson considers himself a Thespian. Or in layman's terms one who walks out onto a stage (structuring spur-of-the-moment ideas whims and inspirational story lines in an improvisational manner.  While using his musical craft to educate, motivate and liberate people into greater heights of musical appreciation, spirituality and faith. His concerts demonstrate that there is indeed a place for everyone to be accountable within the ranks of music. Even someone with the smallest un-assuming ability, musicianship, equipment and or support.

Often performing without a band. Johnson  asks that his audience participate in his excursions, encouraging them to be either a choral backdrop of sound or a speaking accompaniment. While he uses wind instruments and synthesis to paint moving harmonic vibrations and tell his stories. Through this, he brings his knowledge of musical history and creative imagination to life.

The range and technique Johnson explores is amazing. His inspiring artistic creations push the boundaries of creative freedom towards a new dimension, implying exploratory research in the realm of artistic possibility and musical creativity. Johnson's concerts are about listening to the dictates of your inner voice exploration through improvisation, intensity and above all else musically extending one's artistic palate. The beauty of Johnson's talent is that it is an invitation for all who enjoy good music to join in on the fun!

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Spirazz "arefreshing blend of inspired contemporary music with roots in jazz."
Recording Artist Saxophonist / Composer
http://www.stanjohnsonnuspirit.com V.1.2
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